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C. Sterling Davis, II
Senior Consultant

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The STERLING experience...

(of a person or their work, efforts, or qualities) excellent or valuable.

STERLING Suggestions

The experience starts with assessment. This assessment is done in a collaborative fashion, beginning with an initial conversation. It is here where we will discuss the history of the business, its current state, and of course the vision for the future.  We can determine,  with you, if a visit is needed to better assess the need or if a SWOT analysis is necessary.  From this, we will make informed suggestions in regards to the findings of the assessment. This leads us to...

STERLING Solutions

From the assessments and analysis that lead to suggestions; we move into the more creative and collaborative phase. It is here where we will sit a discuss all of the findings and partner with you to come up with a solution path for your long-term and/or short-term goals.  The goal is always to bring your team or organization to a place of OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE! 


From the genesis of this potential partnership to the completion of the assignment, it is our endeavor to ensure that you, your team, and organization receive a quality of service that lets you know that we honor this partnership and see the potential of our synergy.  From the start up business, to the most iconic brands and Fortune 500 companies; excellence of execution is the service goal.



STERLING Suggetions, Solutions, and Service

With over 25 years of learning and development experience, combined with education administration and operations - as an employee and consultant; It would be an honor to take these experiences and skills and provide your business and/or team with pieces necessary to fulfill your vision.  


From CitiGroup, Chevron, Coca Cola to small businesses, and Non-Profit organizations, my focus is always on building an efficient and results-driven relationship. Let's work to create a customized solution for yourself or your organization. 

What is

"Operational Excellence is the consistent discipline of attitude and acumen applied, synergistically, within each person everyday."

C. Sterling Davis, II

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