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What is PRISM?

The PRISM methodology is designed to help people understand how different personality types best interact with each other. The understanding of this dynamic can be very powerful, especially when the success of an organization and/or relationship depends on the effective and efficient communication between—and collaboration among—the business' employees, leadership or the partners in a relationship.

This system takes the concepts presented in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) distills and expands them into a fun, yet functional tool that will enhance the understanding of all that participate. This is done by assigning primary personality types a PRIMARY color, and then examining the colors meaning. This will in turn help the participants understand the different personalities and communication dynamics that they have/will encounter.

The goal of the PRISM is to be an insightful and interactive experience, that fosters an environment of sustainable collaboration and communication, through understanding and engagement.

Who is PRISM for?

PRISM is for leadership teams in business, church, and even couples.

This tool serves as the bridge to the skills that are necessary for relational health as well as organizational strength that are realized through behavioral analysis and emotional intelligence. Effective communication and personal understanding bring new ideas, help solve problems and increase efficiency.


The PRISM methodology assists in addressing the primary causes of miscommunication and conflict so that your organization and your relationship(s) can thrive!

How can

PRISM help?

The PRISM is designed with the E5 ROI in mind:

1. Effectively working with different personality types

2. Efficient communication skills

3. Elevated trust

4. Expanded engagement

5. Escalated productivity 


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